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Headache Therapy

We are using Trigger Point Injections, Botox, and mouth guards to treat headaches and severe grinding. These treatments are used to relax the muscle that causes the problem. There are people who suffer from Bruxism. It is caused by excessive grinding and/or clenching of teeth. It can be mild and not require treatment. It can become frequent and severe enough to lead to jaw disorders, headaches, and damaged teeth.

One of the ways a dentist can help manage the detrimental effects of this condition is by fabricating a custom mouth appliance for patients. In certain cases, this alone cannot provide adequate relief, as the headaches associated with more severe "bruxers" can become chronic and very painful. Therapeutic injections targeting certain muscle groups relating to jaw movements. By performing a proper screening and evaluation, patients who may be a candidate for Botox Therapeutics, our practice is able to provide this treatment.

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